Guideliness for Supervisor Accreditation

I - Essential requirements for permanent faculty
1. Updated Curriculum Lattes / CNPq;
2. Doctor's degree in a program accredited by the Ministry of Education in the last 5 years;
3. Previous experience in Human Resources training (have already completed at least one Master's or Doctorate supervision or IC / AP of students with scholarships);
4. Four or more works published in journals qualis A or B1, being at least the first author in 2 or corresponding author, in the last 3 years;
5. To have laboratory conditions and current financial resources for the development of the student project (coordination of individual or thematic grants, co-coordinator or principal investigator of thematic projects or equivalent);
6. Line of research that justifies, in a short summary, the projects that will be developed within the program;
7. Promisse of supervision of at least one student in the program and indication of the student;
8. Offer a discipline to be taught every 2 years, as responsible or co-responsible.
II - Requirements in the evaluation processes
1. Participate in graduation, development or extension activities;
2. Act in international cooperation attested by joint publications, ad-hoc advisory services, editorial staff of international journals, among others;
3. To have a productivity scholarship from CNPq.
General aspects:
Accreditation will be reassessed annually, based on the above three items, by an Evaluation Committee designated by CPG.
VI - Requirements for collaborating faculty:
1. Recent PhD who do not have graduate supervision experience (Postdocs or those who have obtained a doctorate degree for a maximum of 4 years);
It will be essential:
a. Three or more papers published in journals qualis A or B1, being the first author in at least 1 or corresponding author, in the last 3 years;
b. To be a Collaborating Researcher in research grants or Thematic Projects in course;
Will be valued:
a. Previous experience in Human Resources training (have already completed the orientation of undergraduate students with scholarship or further training);
2. Researchers from other institutions that meet the criteria of permanent faculty;
3. Researchers who carry out similar research activities whose accreditation is justified to complement the area of specialty of the Program.
General considerations:
Accreditation as a collaborating faculty will be considered for each incoming student.
Accreditation as a permanent faculty will be evaluated after the completion of the first Masters Dissertation supervision in the Program, within the normal evaluation criteria of permanent faculty.
The application for accreditation must be requested at least three months before the date of registration for the selection process and the homologation will be conditioned to the approval of a student in the Program.