Research Areas

Research Areas

Biology integrated with Toxinology

Study of biology, natural history and ecology of toxin-producing organisms, including the genetic mechanisms related to the origin and evolution of poison diversity.

Microbial Toxins

Studies of mechanism of action of toxins produced by microorganisms and the production of antibodies against these toxins as therapy and diagnosis.

Toxins and biological systems

Studies of the effects of different toxins on animal physiology, associated or not with pathology, and knowledge about mechanisms of action of these molecules in different biological systems.


Structural toxinology

Characterization of the molecular structure, biosynthesis and genomics of toxins, enabling the identification of important structural motifs, and characterization of their interaction with physiological targets.


Poisoning and Therapy

Study of the pathophysiological mechanisms involved in human poisoning by animal and microbial toxins in order to improve diagnosis and therapy.


Bioprospecting and development

Use of animal poisons and secretions as pharmacological tools and / or for the discovery of new molecules with possible therapeutic action, including developmental processes, pre-clinical tests and patent filing.