PPGTox students can use facilities for teaching and support for development of projects at the frontier of knowledge in toxinology

The Research Laboratories have equipments, supporting staff and reagents purchased for projects mainly supported by FAPESP and CNPq, and reagents and glassware for general use, acquired by the institution. Also, there are Multi-user Equipments such as flow cytometer, Electronic Transmission Microscope and Scanning Microscope, Confocal Microscope, Sequencer Proteins and Peptides and Mass Spectrometer, and equipments purchased with money from "Capes Pro-equipment" (lyophilizer, ELISA reader and fluorescence microscope) or funds from projects coordinated by the Program faculty.
Teaching support for PPGTox are amphitheaters of the Butantan Institute, as well as meeting rooms and Library computer room, with 1Gb speed network and wireless access (Wi-Fi).
As part of training, students participate in extension activities offered by Butantan Institute: specialization courses, activities in the institution's museums, contributions in secondary schools and teacher training as well as scientific dissemination to students.