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Criteria for Scolarship Granting in the Program

Criteria for Scolarship Granting in the Program

Master and PhD scholarships:

PPGTox encourages accredited supervisors to apply for student scholarship directly to funding agencies because the program does not have enough scholarships to cover all of the demand. Grants awarded to the program (CAPES, CNPq or other quotas) will be allocated to students who do not obtain scholarships granted directly to the supervisors, following three criteria:

1. Merit
2. History and academic performance
3. Balance in the number of scholarships granted to the students at each selection process as follows:
  •  For students entering the Master's degree, merit will be measured by the order of classification in the selection process and for students who entered in previous periods, the order of classification in the selection process plus performance evaluation in the program activities;
  •  For Doctorate students, the classification will be carried out every six months (April and October), through a project seminar, analysis of the Curriculum Lattes and Master and Doctorate’s academic history, all evaluated by an examining board designated by the Fellowships Committee. All students enrolled in PPGTox can participate, noting that no scholarships will be awarded for a period of less than six months;
  •  The number of scholarships granted by the Program will be balanced among the students who entered the different selective processes in proportion to the number of students approved;
  •  If there are more scholarships than necessary, in order to reach the balance between the students, these will be destined to those who entered in the oldest selection process;
  •  In case of a tie, there will be students’ interview with the members of the Scholarships Committee for breakout.
  •  PPGTox Scholarship Committee will solve omitted cases.
We would like to remind that the Master's scholarships for the program have a maximum duration of 24 months, and those for Doctorate’s 48 months, counting from the date of the student's initial enrollment.
Post-Doctorate scholarships:
Scholarships from National Postdoctoral Program (PNPD-CAPES), eventually available to the PPGTox, will be granted through specific calls, with the following criteria and procedures being respected:

1.Candidates will be eligible up to five years after the doctoral defense and will be evaluated according to:

• Relevance of the research project within the Toxinology concentration area;

• Depth of the candidate's knowledge of the project;

• Scientific productivity of the candidate and postgraduate school history;

• Scientific productivity of the supervisor.

• Adhesion and collaboration to the training activities of the PPGTox.

2. The grants will last for 24 months and may be extended for a further period of 12 months, depending on the analysis of the results and especially on the resulting publications.

• Selected candidates must submit annual reports attesting to relevant performance.

• The selected candidates must necessarily develop teaching activities in the PPGTox, which will be evaluated at the time of renewal of the scholarship.

• Applicants without relevant performance or teaching activity may have their scholarships canceled after the evaluation of the first report, sent after 12 months of scholarship.