The Library of Butantan Institute, with new facilities and exclusive services to researchers and students, offers tools for the development of research projects, generation of innovation and new information.

Currently the library offers the following services:
• Classrooms and study rooms equipped with computers, projectors and WIFI in a pleasant space, suitable for socialization, collaboration, learning, exchange of information and knowledge
• Personal Orientation to users
• Literature Survey Request
• Scientific work Standardization
• Laptops Loan
• Loan between libraries
• Preparation of Catalog Cards
• Copies of articles request
• Suggestions for the purchase of library materials 
Training program for information sources and tools, aiming to expand the access to scientific and technological knowledge in the institution’s areas of interest. The program includes Scientific Writing courses, with workshops for writing summary of scientific work, information sources and tools in science and health (Capes Portal, Web of Science, Pubmed, Scopus, Endnotes and Virtual Libraries in Health - VLH); Researchers Database and Citations and bibliography formatting.