Brasão Governo de São Paulo



International Agreements
The agreement between Butantan Institute and the Commissariat à l'énergie atomique et aux énergies alternatives (CEA - France) conducts exchanges between students and researchers of both countries, focusing on the theme of Toxinology and Vaccines. In April 2014, intentions of agreement with Butantan Institute were established. Three teachers from PPGTox, Dr. Yara Cury, Dra. Ana Marisa Chudzinski Tavassi and Dra. Solange Serrano coordinated the cooperation project between the teams. Some of the ongoing projects involve PPGTox students for internships in France.
Partnership between Butantan Institute and the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (UNAM), signed in June 2014 during the realization of the "International Seminar: New approaches in the production of antivenoms", for joint approaches to the development of new generation of antivenoms, coordinated by Dr. Paulo Lee Ho and others PPGTox faculty.
Cooperation project with Ohio State University, University of Central Florida and Florida State University USA, with Dr. Ignatius LM Junqueira Azevedo and Dra. Ana Maria Moura da Silva from PPGTox and Professors Dr. Harold Lisle Gibbs, OSU, Dr. Christopher Parkinson (UCF) and Dr. Darin Rokita, FSU. The project obtained a grant from Fulbright program for academic cooperation from Capes with US universities. In addition, current financial support for the binational program of FAPESP / NSF: Dimensions of Biodiversity.
Cooperation project with University of Notingham, UK, within the specific “Edital” of Capes, for development of the project “New Experimental Approaches for Identification and Validation of Pharmacological Targets and Screening of New Molecules derived from Animal Venoms and Toxins”. Participation of Dr. Ana Leonor Nencione, and overall coordination by Dra. Russolina Zingali, from UFRJ.
Other Internationalization actions
International Mobility of Students through “sandwich” doctoral programs abroad (PDSE) and Exchange Internship Research Abroad (EPCG) from FAPESP.
Welcoming students from other foreign countries through the Student-Agreement Graduate Program (PEC-PG) from CAPES.
Welcome Visiting Professors from foreign countries and institutions to visit laboratories, teach classes and seminars and, possibly, sign collaborative projects with teachers from PPGTox.
Participation of students and teachers in international conferences associated to the interdisciplinary perspective of PPGTox.