The Graduate Program in Sciences - Toxinology (PPGTox) at Butantan Institute has the mission of training Masters and Doctors in Biological Sciences, developing interdisciplinary studies of animal and microbial toxins, which involve:

  • Basic Research in the areas of Animal Biology, Cellular and Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, Pharmacology, Microbiology, Pathology and Immunology;
  • ​Technological innovation for drug development and molecular tools from toxins.

Unique in its specialty area, PPGTox is based at Butantan Institute, a century-old institution, internationally recognized for the study and application of Toxinology for scientific and technological development. The relevance of PPGTox is linked to the production of knowledge about toxins, providing subsidies for understanding the pathophysiology of accidents with poisonous animals in humans, as well as the technology needed for the production of antitoxin serum. Furthermore, understanding the mechanisms of action of toxins provide an important basis for the development of new biotechnological and pharmaceutical products.​


Kimie Simokomaki, Rosana Coelho, Regina Navarro

+55 (11) 2627-9767



Av. Vital Brasil, 1500 - Butantã
São Paulo - SP, 05503-900