Brasão Governo de São Paulo


The curricular structure (insert link) addresses the different areas of Biological Sciences, having as topics of discussion the interference of toxins and poisons in these systems. We highlight some actions that contribute to the formation of our students:

• The disciplines offered include the presentation of seminars by the students and the participation of invited professors, specialists in the subject, thus stimulating the scientific discussions in the Program as a whole.
• Included in the curriculum are teaching activities aimed to expose students to teaching activities and scientific dissemination.
• Special disciplines (insert link) complement the students' training in important subjects such as Biostatistics, Scientific Writing, Web of Sciences Database courses and Endnote Online, coordinated by invited experts in each subject.
 • Summer Course (insert link), open to students of Scientific Initiation (undergraduates) or under the theme "Basic Concepts for the Study of Toxinology". This course is coordinated by post-doctoral students linked to the PPGTox, together with the students of the Program.